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Performance Improvement Specialists
Leadership Champions is an independent 'performance improvement' consultancy providing both advisory and consultancy services in the construction, manufacturing and defence sectors.  We specialize in helping business leaders deliver their brand promise. 

At Leadership Champions we continually strive to give our clients the very best advice possible. Therefore, we place great importance on knowledge management, development of corporate capability, and real-world 'best practice' to deliver the results our customers (and their clients) will value.

We are proud of our achievements, and our 'Champions' centric attitude truly embodies how we work. Other consultancies may try to differentiate themselves with their tools, methodology, and coaching philosophies. But we understand that our clients are paying for results, not coaching. And since most commercial leaders have a strong desire to speak with us on strategy execution, we differentiate ourselves by offering results with two distinct characteristics:

- measurable improvements
- guaranteed results

We know that our approach works and that our expertise adds value to infrastructure projects. We are so confident we can make a positive contribution, we will guarantee to meet agreed joint measures of success through jointly agreed actions, and link our fees to these measures.

In most types of engagements this can include achieving a financial return in excess of your initial investment in fees, or, a return in terms of money, resources and time saved, revenue generated, productivity and profit maximized, etc.

We can reduce risk and increase performance.  W e also only focus on what will drive value (£) for you. 
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  1. Continuous Improvement
    If something is working, we make it better! Fixing problems is reactive and in response to a problem - we focus on creating sustained value. While many consultants practice a formal version of a Lean / Agile method, we enjoy the flexibility of continuous improvement as a practice while reserving the right to deviate whenever a less formal approach is needed. Why add complexity?
  2. Productivity
    Building on existing foundations, we work with leaders to develop exceptional 'high reliability' productivity strategies. This always starts with a firm grasp of the client's strategic goals, aspirations and deep understanding of the programme challenges. This guides strategy development and implementation.
  3. Technical Sustainability
    Our approach to Sustainability is focussed on ten sustainable outcomes; helping infrastructure maintainers and providers develop, implement and manage policy, governance and innovation. This includes, embedding the principles of ISO20400 Sustainable Procurement in the supply chain.
  4. Business Intelligence
    Ideally a work-winning culture starts with the feedback on whether client expectations are fully met. Our 360-degree review of the business helps leaders identify their current state, future state and benchmark against clients expectations. This is the crucial first step in our growth programme.
  5. Stakeholder Management
    We use Stakeholder Mapping to capture the total customer experience across all touch-points in your organisation and identify any knowledge gaps or opportunities add value. Our 'whiteboard sessions' are designed to identify the political map, hot buttons and decision makers.
  6. Non-Technical (Human Factors)
    We deliver Human Factors training improving the skills of the individual worker, in a team setting, addressing behaviour in routine operations. The course uses human factors principles to better understand why people make mistakes, why things go wrong, and which factors can contribute to incidents and accidents in the rail or construction industry.
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